Dental Practice Owners:

Get 15+ Invisalign or Implant Patients
in 60 Days or Less, Guaranteed

(100% Done For You)

“Pay us only when the patients actually sit in your chair.”

Why Choose Behind the Dreams?

Here’s why working with Behind the Dreams is unlike anything you’ve tried before

Table showing comparison between behind the dreams and traditional service

Level Up Your Dental Practice

We did $114,200 in lead generation experiments – the result is a platform that drives leads to case acceptance.

Discover How We Helped One Of Our Clients Double Her Revenue In Less Than 90 Days!

The Problem

Dental leads are absolutely worthless… unless the patient turns up to the practice.

Dental practices use the same lead generation system as all the practices in the area, yet expect to have better results than their competitors who are located just next to them.


Low Quality Leads

Traditional companies deliver you the leads where half of the patients don’t turn up to the appointments.

Relying on the Staff to Follow Up

Staff are too busy with day to day activities and when given an additional task, they find it hard to incorporate it into their daily routine.

Lack of Tracking System

No solid tracking system in place to track where is the real issue with marketing.

Monthly Retainer

Getting charged by agencies before they actually show the results.

The Solution

Behind the Dreams will help create a bulletproof patient accelerator process that generates high paying Invisalign patients on auto-pilot. Our system will double your patient show up rate with our AI-based follow up system.

Pay Per Show

We help you get your schedule jam-packed with qualified high-paying Invisalign patients… pay us only when the patient shows up for the appointment.

Ai Based Follow Up System

We implement an Ai based follow up system in your business. This creates more conversation which leads to more sales.

We Save You Time & Energy by Contacting Your Leads and Booking the Appointment

We will follow up with your leads via text, email, and voicemail. We also have a live person dialling on your lead list EVERY DAY! Each lead is contacted around 20 times over the course of 90 days.

We Train Your Staff

We believe in data-driven digital marketing. We train your staff to track all the marketing activities that are carried out and help you find gaps using a data-driven approach.

Install a proven lead generation process to systematically acquire, nurture and accelerate case acceptance. We provide the technology and tools to truly access your Invisalign practice performance – and elevate it through integrated marketing.


What is the cost of your service?

Apart from a setup fee, we work on a performance basis. That means, we will only charge you for our service on every patient that shows up for the appointment.

What will you be helping me with?

As we are a consulting company, we are here to fix the gaps in your business. From marketing to branding, to sales process optimization, we are here to help you grow your practice using our data-driven growth formula. We will guarantee 15+ high quality Invisalign appointments in the next 60 days. 

Will I need help managing these leads?

Absolutely not. We will manage your entire pipeline including follow up. All you have to do is show up to the patients’ appointments.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We’re going to book you 15 high-quality Invisalign appointments in the next 60 days. If we don’t hit our mark, we’ll continue at no additional cost until we do.

How are these leads exclusive?

We only work with one dental practice in a 5 km area. We do not want our clients competing with each other for leads. We dominate territories.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. Most of our clients come from direct referrals. Do reach out to us and we can discuss how we can collaborate with you.

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