Career Lessons We Learned From the “Friends” Characters

Written by Khushi Tyagi

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Photo of Friends TV Show

All it took was 6 F.R.I.E.N.D.S, 10 seasons and 236 episodes to make history in the television industry. It made people smile, laugh, cry but most importantly it gave people life lessons in the most creative way. It taught us way more than “Joey doesn’t share food” and “Unagi”. Everybody views the Friends characters in a different way. Today, Let’s do it my way!

1. Chandler Bing:

To begin with my most favourite character, Chandler Bing! The sassiest of them all. 

He worked in Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. Yes! Took me three hours to memorise that !!!! Until season 9, he worked on something he never enjoyed. Finally, with all the courage, he decided to quit his job when it asked way too much from him. He left it when he believed it was affecting his personal relationships.

After some days of self-analysis, he gave a shot at an advertising firm. Took some time but with his determination and hard work he excelled at the job. He gave life to the saying “do more of what makes you happy”. He taught us that money will give you the means to earn a living but you will never enjoy it that way. He taught us to take challenges in life with pride and confidence for a happier life. He taught us to prioritise family overwork. 

2. Rachel Green:

Moving on to Rachel, the fashion diva, every boy’s favourite and every girl’s role model. 

From being a daddy’s little girl to working at Ralph Lauren, she did give us some major career goals. She always had her vision clear in her mind. It takes a lot to give up all the leisures and live by yourself and who can understand that better than us immigrants? Rachel did that.

She began working at the coffee shop and moved ahead to working for one of the best designers. She taught us to never be complacent in life. She taught us to always aim for the best. She taught us that in a world full of bullies trying to put you down, you will only come out stronger and better with determination! Her dedication to her professional life was admirable and her choice of never settling for the ordinary did inspire a lot of women out there in the world. 

3. Joey Tribbiani:

Joey might not share his food with us but he did share some very valuable career lessons for us to grow in life. From the beginning Joey was shown as a struggling actor, desperate to get work. He was never ashamed of his failures. He never gave up on his dream even after hundreds of rejections. He used to work so hard even for the least important acting roles and was always super positive even for his smallest accomplishments. He made us believe that positivity can turn your life around for the good. Even when he was financially struggling in his life, he worked at Central Perk to earn his living but never gave up on his dreams.

Besides all that, one thing extremely important that Joey Tribbiany taught us was to never fake your skills in a resume or you will be forced to run from your job!!!!

4. Phoebe Buffay:

Phoebe had a very ordinary work life throughout the show. She worked as a masseuse and with that she used to sing at the central perk for her love for music. Although she was a very unsuccessful musician, she never gave up on singing. She taught us that life may be busy with work, but never lose touch of what genuinely makes you happy.

She taught us that work-life and passion can go together. She taught us that it is okay to have an ordinary work life, it is okay to be average and be happy in life. 

5. Ross Geller:

Ross has always been “fine”, even in his work life. He had some critical ups and downs in his work all because of mixing his personal life with professional life. He was so passionate about his work that he could never stop talking about it with his friends, isn’t how it should be? It’s shown how he always dreamt of being a paleontologist since childhood, teaching us if we dream for something and work hard for it, we will achieve it. Trying new things never feared him.

He was shown taking up temporary jobs besides working for the museum. One should never stop exploring their interests, trying new things helps in personal growth and broadening one’s horizons. To sum up I would say it is okay to share your sandwich with your boss and not lose your job, unlike Ross Geller.

6. Monica Geller:

Let’s end this with the ‘perfectionist’, Monica Geller. Throughout the show Monica has been shown extremely competitive and energetic for everything that she does, be it a football match with her friends or getting the dream job, she never lost her enthusiasm. Monica was always the most ethical one. Even when she was offered a job by her boyfriend as a head chef, she rejected it for not feeling right about that opportunity. With her spark and expertise she moved ahead in life to become a head chef at one of the most popular restaurants. Monica taught us that no matter what the job is, if you do that with excitement and enthusiasm you will excel at it.

It is very important for a person to feel good about the work they do, wake up with the excitement for work rather than feeling it as a burden, that way you perform much better. Monica proved that you may have connections and networks to excel but at the end of the day it is your skills that will help you succeed.


The 6 F.R.I.E.N.D.S really were there for us when the rain started to pour and the jobs seemed like a joke. Even after more than a decade of them saying a goodbye, they are inspiring us in every aspect of our life. It is fair to say that the characters will always be alive in our life for the lessons they taught us and the inspiration they gave us. 

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