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We Help You Grow Client Relationships with Automated Birthday Text Messages

Having a reason to reach out to sellers & buyers is important and birthdays are an excellent occasion to build connections & long term relationships.

” For Real Estate Agents Who Likes To Stay Ahead Of The Curve “

Watch in action how this system works!

Why use birthday text system?


Stay on the top of the mind of your buyers and sellers


Build long term relationships by making them feel special on their birthday


Increase the possibility of becoming the first preference to get the listing from your previous sellers


Utilise the power of AI automation - No mannual work involved

Key Features


Automated birthday texts sent to your buyers & sellers database without any mannual work


Receive reminder text to call your clients on their special day


Personalised text messages


100% Done For You System - No need to struggle to figure out the software

Choose a Plan that Works for You

What does 100% Done-For-You mean?

Unlike other services or software, where you have to learn the process and spend hours watching tutorials. Here our expert associates will set up the whole workflow on your behalf.

Why a birthday text message is more effective than an automated email?

Birthday emails get no replies and don’t make the buyer & sellers feel special as they know it is an automated email sent through software. On the other end, automated text message technology is new and, our clients have 98% conversion. Meaning if you have sent 100 messages in a month, about 98 clients replied. This makes them feel special and makes you their first preference as a real estate agent!

Why do I trust you with my buyers and sellers data?

We will never steal or share your data and we are contractually obligated. We will only need a name, date of birth and a phone number. See our TnC for more information.

What phone number will be used to send SMS?

A local phone number that will be unique to you. We avoid using your personal phone number to save you from any potential security issues.

What will happen if the client replies to the SMS?

This is where things get interesting. If your client replies to your automated birthday messages, the reply will be automatically delivered to your personal phone number. Also, if the client calls you on our number, the call will be autimatically forwarded to your personal number.

How is it different from other tools like Activepipe?
Our service is more focused on text message marketing rather than emails & overall marketing campaigns. Plus, we offer done for you service to make things easier.
Is the monthly price GST inclusive?


Will I have to pay extra for each text message?

No. It’s included in your monthly fee.

What if I have database but Date of Birth is not complied in a CSV file?

Ideally, you are expected to provide us with a CSV file with all the information. However, if you don’t have the data complied, no problems. Our associate can help sort the data at an additional one time cost.

Can I personalise my text message?

Yes, you can personalise the text message wordings that will be sent to everyone. You can’t personalise the text for each client in the database.

What time the text message will be sent?

It’s usually sent at 9 am but you have the option to change it.

Will I have access to physical software on my computer?

No, it’s a complicated software that requires coding to set up the automation. Hence, we offer done for your service.

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